the art of Birgitta Franzen McCarthy

“November”, acrylics on unprimed fabric, 56'' by 20", nfs

november,“ 56″ by 20”, acrylic on fabric,  nfs

From a natural observation in my back yard of reflection, light, shadow, and changing angles, all through the seasons. I started in my backyard in Carmichael two decades ago. The colors are arbitrary; the paintbrush followed the motion of the light. The urgency to keep up with changes of light resulted in a fluid motion. I searched for patterns more than for representation and to share the note-taking of fleeting time.

“December”, acrylics on unprimed fabric, 70" by 20", nfs

december,“ 70” by 20″, acrylic on fabric, nfs

BITTAN is my artist signature. I engage and commit to Art alone or working with others on large-scale paintings. My hands are my best tools to see life with. More here.