BITTAN is my artist signature. I engage and commit to Art alone or working with others on large-scale paintings. My hands are my best tools to see life with.

After nearly two decades with Axis Gallery, I moved my studio to the Sierras in 2015. I participate in North Tahoe Arts and co‐works with other artists online. I am now establishing a broader inventory reflecting a “bee‐hive” of artistic activities including competitive art shows and community‐based art.

I live in the Northern Sierra and my dedication to creating art goes back to early childhood, growing up in Scandinavia. The dark winters accentuated my interest in the daily light changes and legends relating to nature. Studying and working in France, Sweden and California with its diverse population intensified my study and engagement in art.

I work in various mediums and have additional education in technical stage design and art education. I am grateful for many awards and publicity. For example, from the Stockton Art Museum, CSUS, NCA, California Arts League, North Tahoe Art Center, the California Art Magazine, the Sacramento Bee, and the Art Chapter of CSUS Alumni Association 2014 open show. Most recently, I have been featured in shows curated by Pauline Haynes, “National Women’s history month” (2016), and Linda Gelfman, “In memory of Oliver Jackson” (2018).

Please look for new events on this site. To purchase art, contact Birgitta Franzen McCarthy at birgittafmccarthy@gmail.com